Naming Ionic Compounds Instructional Module 

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Description:  This module was developed to assist struggling students with  to learn and practice naming different ionic compounds in an interactive and engaging way.  I used Adobe Captivate, Premiere Pro for Video editing, After Effects for developing animations, as well as Garageband to mix and create audio files to create this module.


“Who am I?” video

Description:  This is an introduction into who I am as well as a look at how my skills have progressed over the course of the of the program.   I used Garageband and iMovie to create this video.  The music was from the iMovie sound effects.  The videography and editing was completed by me.


Balancing Chemical Equations Instructional Video

Description: This video was created to show students how the concept os balancing chemical equations can be used in practical situations.  I created using Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition to adjust the audio files and remove background noise.


Chemistry Learning Management System

Baldwin Chemistry LMS



Description: This asset allows a look at the process of developing a cohesive unit with activities and assessments to evaluate student performance. I experimented with Moodle, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Various web applications to create an interactive environment.  To access the site for personal viewing, please click the link below. Username: user1; Password: Oakwood1! .  I have also included a video tour of the development process below.  This video was created using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for the animations.


Naming Ionic Compounds Infographic

Naming Ionic Compounds Infographic

Description:  This infographic is designed to show the results from my instructional module.  I used as a resource to display the data collected from my target audience.

Interactive iBook: Leadership Article


Description:  This article is designed so that the reader can read about the development process used in the creation of my instructional module.  I used Adobe Photoshop, iBooks Author, and iMovie to design and prepare this project.

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