How do you start an arguement?

Storm Front 4

The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.” Joseph Joubert

In my first six years of teaching I have learned so much about Science education.  I started my career using the textbook as a guide and started to notice that this presented content in a way that seemed a bit unnatural to understand.  Over the years I have worked and tried to refine my presentation skills to move toward a scenario where the students can learn to explore and develop a deeper understanding of the content. So when we received the news that we would be a digital school this year I was excited and just waiting for the opportunity to have the students dive in and start experiencing Chemistry.

As the school year began, I was quickly reminded that all though many students are tech savvy when it comes to their cell phones, but basic computer literacy is a major challenge.  Due to this reality, my dreams of starting this line of thinking were delayed.  Although this was a reality I noticed a pattern with my students, they all loved to argue with one another.  From the standard level to the advanced, daily arguments were common. But they were arguing the wrong way. They spent time conferring with their classmates for support with no evidence or reasoning beyond their opinion or limited world -view. This made me think, “Why not begin the coming year teaching them how to argue using logic reasoning and Science to aid them?”

So this summer, I am going to spend some time building my courses and starting with this task. I wonder how it will go, but here goes. Stay tuned for the adventures, lessons, and hilarious stories along the way.

Image by mrpbps, “Storm Front 4” Some rights reserved.